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"Backstage interview with Christian"
OOC:this is before the Peep Show

--Christian is seen sitting in a chair in what looks to be a fancier interview area. He looks at the camera and signals to someone that he is ready. Cameras turn to Todd Grisham who begins to talk...--

Todd-Ladies and Gentleman, one of my interviews tonight will be taking place with Captain Charisma Christian.

(The crowd chants Christian loudly)

Todd-Christian, I am sure you seen Chyna with Ted Dibiase out in the ring earlier tonight. What are your thoughts on Y2J mandating all Golden Warriors to travel in pairs?

Christian-Todd, it shows that Y2J is afraid he is afraid of an attack on his own Golden Warriors. He better be scared Todd. He injured someone near and dear to me MY BROTHER. Chyna, tonight I will break your friggin neck. I will Eradicate all of the WWE and I will do something that my BROTHER may not have been able to do.

Todd-Christian, you would know better than any of us how is your brother doing? What is his current condition?

Christian-Todd, my brother is doing well. Of course like every neck injury it takes a while to heal properly and he will not be returning here to the WWE any time soon or to any Indy events any time soon.

Todd-Now Christian the fact that The Golden Warriors are traveling in pairs prompts me to ask you this. Have you thought yourself of traveling in pairs with another WWE superstar that has the same hatred toward The Golden Warriors?

Christian-I have thought of that but I would not want to be bother some to any of the Superstars in the back I mean we have a mutual respect and common goal of eradicating TGW and I am sure that they have my back. I have been thinking of getting my own body guard for my matches though. Unfortunately he couldn't be here tonight but ensured me he will be here next week.

Todd-Any clues to who this bodyguard could possibly be?

Christian-Well Todd you will just have to come find me next week for another interview to find out who it is.

Todd-Well thanks for the insight Christian.

Christian-Thanks Todd but I got to be doing my Peep Show about now so if you would excuse me my Peeps need me.

--Christian walks out the door and heads towards the curtain for his Peep Show.--